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This was a beautiful weather week.  Temps were in the mid 60’s and Bill and I were able to ride our bikes and sit in the sun.  It always feels soooo good.  On Sunday we rode 14 miles from Bill’s house to the Dunkin Donuts in No. Berwick.  We checked out a craft shop but didn’t find anything we really needed to take home with us.  From there we rode back on Rt. 4 to Bill’s house.  It was a spectacular day and we felt blessed to be outside in October feeling the warmth of the sun.  Not only that, we are blessed to be healthy enough to exercise on a semi-regular basis (as time allows).  We spent another day with Bill picking up leaves with the tractor and I cleaned up the gardens.

On the down side, my best friend, Su has spent the week in the hospital after surgery.  She is doing well but isn’t expected to return home for another couple of days.  She has suffered serious illness for the past several years and this is another bump in the road.  I am considerably blessed with good health, even though I’m approaching 60 (yikes) which is the opposite of Su.  I am always supportive and attempt to help her fend off the overwhelming depression that accompanies another health problem.  I am also blessed to have Su as my best friend.  She is such a wonderful person and I consider her my soulmate.  It is difficult to understand why she is faced with illness over and over again.  I pray that this time the final news is positive and she can look forward to some good years ahead.

On the quilting front, not much time to sew; however, I have been doing some background stitching on the butterfly picture.  I am using a technique from Diane Guadynski which she has termed Diane-shiko.  It isn’t difficult but time consuming.  After 5-6 hours I have completed maybe 1/4 of the background.  ti doesn’t really matter, this wallhanging was for Greg and Vanessa last Christmas.  As they say…better late than never.

I also did a some border quilting on the red oriental flower wallhanging.  I stitched a flower in variegated black and white thread.  I still can’t get the hang of doing it without a pattern so I have traced the flower on tracing paper and use that to follow.  The down side is taking all of the paper off when I’m done.

Two other good things happened this week, I listed my condo for sale and Bill and I finished my sewing room at his house.  We painted the ceiling and I chose a very light blue for the walls.  Bill pulled up the carpet and put down a laminate wood floor.  It looks so nice, clean and bright.  I still need to decide on curtains and blinds but I bought a new 6′ sewing table and it is set up in front of the window.  We moved a small bookshelf from my house.  It is holding fabric right now but will eventually hold children’s books and toys for the grandkids.


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With a projected retirement date of 9/17/09 there are only 13 months left. Yeah! I have no idea yet what the future will hold but I’m looking forward to it with great excitement. I counted up the number of shifts I have left to work and after tonight it is 193. That seems like a lot but I know it is going to go by fast.

I applied for a seasonal job today with L.L. Bean. It is the means to an end as I hope to work for them next year after I retire. I got back an email that I should call for an interview. Yikes! Now I’m nervous.

On another note, totally unrelated. Bill and I traveled to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens on Sunday. We had been talking about it for a couple of years; ever since we read an article about it in the newspaper. It was a beautiful day and the trip to Boothbay took about 2 hours. It was well worth it. The entrance fee was only $10 and there are 248 acres of land set aside for the gardens. It is really in the early stages of development but we found more than enough to justify our $$.

We each enjoyed a crab roll for lunch in the cafe and spent the next couple of hours touring the area. They are working on a couple of new gardens but we walked a mile or so to cover the areas that are already completed. I guess that isn’t a very accurate statement because I don’t think they are ever really completed; probably a constant work in progress. We visited the Meditation Garden and reflecting pool along with the azalea gardens, which included a wonderful waterfall.  If you are in the area I highly suggest you take the time to visit these new and growing gardens.

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