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It was another awesome trip to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.  This is one of our favorite places to spend time.  The weather was very cooperative, clear, sunny days.  It was cool when we got up on Wednesday morning but warmed up nicely by the time we went hiking.  It was quite cold and windy on Thursday so we packed up and headed home.  Every time we travel to Bar Harbor we pass the sign pointing to Lamoine State Park so this time we finally took a side trip to check it out.  The park is quite nice, with a boat launch, picnic tables, camping area, etc.  We didn’t spend much time but were glad to finally know what was at the end of the road.

We spent Tuesday biking the “Around the Mountain” trail.  Actually, it is a 12 mile trail around three mountains.  We stopped several times to admire the beautiful stone bridges that were built over small brooks along the trail. 

One of the sections was 1.8 miles uphill!  Whew, we made it in only 35 minutes and no, it wasn’t non-stop.  In fact, it was several stops to catch our breath and give our legs a short rest.  It is surprising how much better the legs feel after a couple of minutes rest.  We stopped at what we thought was the top for a nice leisurely lunch only to find out that .10 of a mile further there was a beautiful view.  Oh well, next time we will know. It was a nice, long downhill most of the way back to the Jordan Pond House.  Although there are regular items for lunch and dinner on the menu, we always stop there for tea and popovers…JPH blend tea today.

On Wednesday, we took the Asticou Trail which was a fairly wide, flat trail until we came to the granite stone steps.  That was a little more vertical and strenous.  The trail ended at a map house dedicated to Charles Eliot, one of the founders of Acadia.  From there we took the trail up and over Eliot Mountain.  This trail was not very well marked except for lime green flag tape tied around the trees.  The summit was disappointing because there was no view.  From the summit we connected with the Asticou Ridge Trail which took us back down to the intersection with the Asticou Trail at the top of the stone steps.  We retraced the trail returning to the Jordan Pond House for our usual…tea and popovers!  This time we tried the Earl Gray tea.

We traveled to the top of Cadillac Mountain one evening to watch the sunset and the rise of the full moon.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the time of the moonrise but thought it was about the same time as the sunset.  After watching the sun drop behind the mountains, we turned to walked to the summit only to find that the moon was already up.  DUH!  We convinced ourselves that it was too cloudy to actually have seen the moon rise anyway.  It was a beautiful Harvest Moon just the same and we were able to enjoy it from the chairs in front of our cabin as it was reflected in the water of Frenchman’s Bay.

While checking out we made our reservations for 9/21/09.  We are staying for SIX days (not 3 or 4) and will celebrate my RETIREMENT!  Yahoo.  (That is, of course, if the recent meltdown in the financial markets and Wall Street doesn’t totally mess up my plans.)  That reminds me, while we were here I celebrated my “one more year to retirement” date…9/17


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It’s coming

It’s been a long time since I have checked in with a new post, most likely because not much has been happening.  I have been doing a little sewing on my blooming 9-patch.  I have been cutting some oriental fabrics for another quilt for Bill.  He wants one that is done with paper-pieced kimonos.  I will need to make 36 of them in order to complete a queen size quilt.  Luckily he loves buying fabric as I will need a ton of different ones; each kimono uses three fabrics.  I even picked up some more fabric at Mardens the other day for $3 a yard.  Lonni Rossi was one of the designers and I love her fabrics.  On top of that I have been cutting some fabrics for a lap quilt for my son.

I also have several wallhangings that need quilting and I just can’t decide what to do.  I will probably post them on MQResource and ask for design suggestions.  I have some trepidation about posting them because they are small and I don’t use a LA machine.  I don’t want to make a fool of myself “in front” of so many truly talented quilters.

WINTER!  That’s what’s coming.  The last couple of mornings have been cool and damp and I even plugged the small space heater in while I was showering.   At least I haven’t had to scrap the windows yet but I know that is just around the corner.  It’s too soon, we haven’t had summer yet.  It’s raining tonight but I think it may warm up a little tomorrow.

We are heading to Bar Harbor on Monday for three days, coming home on Thursday.  Acadia National Park received quite a bit of damage last weekend when we received the heavy rain from Hurricane Hanna.  It sounds like much of the damage will be repaired and we will be able to use our bikes on the carriage roads.

I finally had to throw away my beach pillow.  I have been using this pillow for so many years I can’t count them.  It was made for me by my good friend, Tulip, before I moved to Maine (I think).  I don’t remember when I actually received it.  I have repaired it and washed it many, many times.  The photo shows just what bad shape it was in.  The quilting had worn away and the fabric was actually shredding to the point that the stuffing was falling out.  On top of that, the pattern was seriously faded.  Amazingly the back remained in good shape.  This special pillow is part of many fond memories of days spent in the sun at the beach and It was very hard to discard it.  Thanks again, Tulip!

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I have admired the blooming 9-patch since the first time I saw one at the Maine Quilt Show several years ago. Having one has been in the back of my mind ever since that day. Finally, I broke down and ordered the fabrics for my very own blooming 9-patch. I purchased the fabrics online from The Cotton Club. I received them quite a few weeks ago and have been working off and on the get them cut and stitched, then cut and stitched again. Little did I know the amount of work that one of these beautiful quilts was going to be. I finally got all of the strips cut and have started putting together the 9-patch blocks.

I’m glad I have finally found some time to sit at the machine. Today was a picture perfect day which included a walk, sitting on the patio and reading, taking a short nap, all with the sun shining in a cloudless sky and a nice breeze coming through the window. Can’t ask for more than that!

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