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It’s been nearly a year since I posted to this blog ;o(  I got busy.  After returning from Florida last spring, I started working for the Animal Welfare Society in W. Kennebunk as the volunteer coordinator.  In addition, we adopted a dog from the shelter, on top of fostering several cats, kittens, dogs and puppies.  My daughter commented that I had an “insanely busy for being retired schedule”. Consequently, I didn’t do any sewing, didn’t visit any fabric/quilt shops, didn’t even unpack one of the boxes of sewing materials that I transported back and forth to Florida.

That’s about to change!  In August, my daughter was engaged to her longtime boyfriend and set the wedding date for September, 2011.  I promised her a quilt as a wedding gift.  No problem, I have a year.  Yeah, well, now I have less than six months and she finally selected a pattern.  Technically, she did that in February when she came to visit but I haven’t made much forward progress.   I managed to purchase two fabrics at a quilt show but there are a gazillion different fabrics that I need and there are a million gazillion cuts that need to be made before I can start sewing.  Holy Crap, I need to get going.  On top of that, I return to work on the 13th!

This is the pattern she selected…

Joker's Wild

This pattern is from the book “Stack a New Deck” by Karla Alexander.

These are the first two fabrics

It’s a start, right?

Wish me luck!

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