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Ella Marie arrived four weeks early this morning at 12:36. She weighed 6# 9oz and stretched 18″. Of course, I think she is beautiful. Greg called this morning around 1:30 while I was working overtime to let me know that he was a new father. Doesn’t seem real!

The most beautiful baby Ella

Bill and I made the 1 1/2 hour drive to the hospital and visited for a couple of hours. There was some concern regarding her blood sugar since she is considered a late-term preemie. They did some blood work and eventually discussed the situation with a neo-natal specialist. After checking her over he determined that she is just fine and there is no reason for concern. This is a “problem” routinely faced by babies delivered between 32 and 36 weeks. However, it is very important that she be fed every 3 hours!

Vanessa looked tired but otherwise appeared to have handled the natural delivery very well. Although they had never considered a natural delivery, it happened so fast that there wasn’t a whole lot of other choice. They weren’t sure whether they would be released tomorrow or Monday.

Auntie Wendy was disappointed that she couldn’t visit along with us but her annual Memorial Day party was tonight and there wasn’t time to go and get back in time. She hopes to visit tomorrow or Monday.

Wendy heard from her friend Jenn today that Baby Ryan, who was born in January at only 24 weeks, finally got to go home today. My best friend, Su, called to say that her son, Jamie, and his wife had delivered their second child today also, a girl. We are thankful for a very good baby day!


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It must have been a frightening day yesterday for Greg and Vanessa. After talking with Greg this morning, I learned that not only was Vanessa dilated 1 cm. but she was also having contractions 1 – 3 minutes apart. Vanessa is wearing a contraction monitor but the report on the baby is that she is doing fine and is not under any stress. They have placed Vanessa on magnesium to stop the contractions and today everything seems to be okay. She has also received two injections of medication that will boost the baby’s lung development. Vanessa will continue on the medication until Friday, at which time they will stop the meds and she how she does. If everything is stable she will return home on Saturday to complete bed rest for 4 weeks. At this time she is 30 weeks along. If she deliver prior to 32 weeks, she will have to be moved to Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston as her hospital does not have the facilities to care for a baby that premature. However, if she does not deliver until after 32 weeks, she will be able to stay at the current hospital.

Greg sounds good and says he is doing okay. He will be working from home today and will go into the hospital to spend the evening with Vanessa, same routine tomorrow assuming everything remains stable. I spent some time this morning sitting quietly and sending Reiki to the three of them. Wendy was pretty upset when I talked to her this morning. She is working so that should keep her mind occupied most of the day.

I’m going to make a cup of coffee and head upstairs to the sewing machine to work on Wendy’s baby quilt. The weather today is beautiful; sunny skies, a little breeze and already 54* at 10:30. If I work fast enough on the quilt I may be able to get a walk in this afternoon.

I did go for a wonderful walk to the grocery store and back. I wasn’t sure how warm it would be so I wore long pants, a long sleeve shirt and a fleece jacket. The jacket ended up wrapped around my waist very quickly and I was very “dewy” by the time I returned home. It felt so good to be outside getting some exercise.

I spent the rest of the day finishing up the quilting and was going to try to get the binding on before I went to bed; however, by the time it reached 11:30 PM I decided I had to get to bed. Tomorrow’s another day…

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