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It’s all about “the quilt” right now, in my spare time, at least.  On my days off last weekend…it rained!  Big surprise for those that know me.  I have rotten luck when it comes to good weather on my days off.  That’s another story for another day.  Today’s story is about quilting.  Well, to be more precise, it’s about cutting big pieces of fabric into small pieces of fabric so that it can be sewed into big pieces again.  That’s what quilters know.  Here are some photos to give you an idea what I’m talkin’ about.

First I start with six rectangles .  These colors are not true but you will notice the fabric alternates light and dark.

Next, I stack them one on top of the other and draw the pattern that I will be cutting.  You have to look closely to see where I have drawn chalk lines.

Once I have drawn the lines, I pin a number to each piece.  This allows me to sew them back together in the right order.  I didn’t number the two pieces in the middle because they will be shuffled once the fabrics are cut.

Next, I cut along the lines.  Remember, there are six pieces of fabric stacked together.

Now that the pieces are cut, I shuffle the top fabric of the two middle pieces to the bottom of the stack.  Can you see what has appeared?

Ta Da!  A heart magically appears.  Then I sew each rectangle back together and every seam is a C.U.R.V.E!  I use lots of pins and I don’t sew quickly soooooo, it takes me about 45 minutes for each one and there are 36 of them.  Each set of six produces a different heart because I drew the template differently each time.

Good thing etiquette allows a year after the wedding to present a gift.

The photos are a little blurry because I cropped them to bring them closer.  I’m a quilter, not a photographer.

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