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You may think that I never actually get any quilting done.  Well, I must admit, I haven’t quilted for quite a while but I did do some sewing the other day.  I am back to work on the blooming 9-patch.  I had to set it out on the spare bed in order to keep the strips in order.

Blooming 9-patch strips

I’m adding the triangles to the end of each strip.  After that I can start sewing the strips together.  I like to think that I can afford to have this quilt custom quilted but I’m not sure that will really be the case.  It will be awhile before it gets completed so I have time to save some money.  Maybe I’ll get a nice tax return  ;o)  or not  ;o(

Bill and I are very happy to be in FL where we can be outside every day.  We are having good adventures, which I will share here when I get more time to blog.  I brought along three African Violet plants because I didn’t think they would be very happy in a house where the thermostat was set at 50*.

Happy plant

This one started blooming almost the day we arrived and the other two have some little blossom “sprouts”.  I’m happy that we brought them along and I think they are happy, too.

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I spent this morning cleaning out one of my closets in an effort to get more organized before eventually moving.  I managed to fill three trash bags with clothes that I haven’t worn in ages and most likely won’t wear anytime soon, if ever again.  I also emptied out a knitting bag and filled it with shoes.


My “fancy” clothes I’ll move to Bill’s because that’s where they will end up anyway.  I threw out a few things, put some others in the attic storage and some stuff just went back into the closet.  It definitely looks 100% better than it did this morning before I started.  I even have room to hang some of my quilting projects.


I came across some things that I just can’t make my mind up about…two teddy bears that were made out of my dad’s clothes after he died, newspapers from days to remember (9/11, the Challenger explosion, the end of the Hussein regime in Iraq and a couple of others).  For some reason I think they should be saved, but I don’t have a concrete reason “why”.   So for now, I put them back in the closet.

Yesterday I talked to my real estate agent and advised her that I was very disappointed in the communication I was (not) receiving from her or the agency itself.  I don’t think I have heard from them since before Christmas.  I suggested some changes to the listing on the website, asked for a current mortgage analysis and offered a monetary incentive to get this place closed before the listing agreement expires.  We’ll see if that precipates any action.

I realize that it is traditionally a slow time of year but I hope that with these changes, once the market picks up I will see some traffic.  I’m praying that the market does pick up within the next 6 weeks or so.

I spoke with the HR Director last week and there is no way I can make these payments once I retire without working another fulltime job.  What’s the point of retiring if I have to work more hours for less money somewhere else.  By the time I pay the 20% in taxes and the $500 a month for insurance, there won’t be much left.  Pretty discouraging!

I spent the rest of the day working on my blooming 9-patch.  I got two more squares sewn on each row.  My plan was to continue sewing until the bobbin ran out, then work on the monkey quilt since I would have to change the bobbin anyway.  I guess there was more thread on it than I thought because I finished the two rows of squares and still hadn’t run out.

I had my hair done last night and my hairdresser always gives me a nice hand massage while I’m under the dryer. The skin on my hands is very sensitive and I have to be careful what kind of hand cremes I use but generally I don’t have any problem with what she uses.  I don’t know what she used yesterday but I woke up during the night scratching like mad.  My fingers were itching like crazy, enough to wake me up.  I slathered on some prescription creme I have but tonight they are driving me crazy again.  I’ll put the creme on again with a pair of cotton gloves when I go to bed and hopefully they will feel better tomorrow.

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I got two delightful gifts from my Secret Sister on MQResource.  There are many quilting sites and forums online but this is the only one I’m really involved with.  I found this site from the blog of Patsy Thompson and I came across her site in a quilting magazine.

Anyway, first of all there was a package from Keepsake Quilting.  It was a beautiful set of 10″ batik squares along with a pattern called Jungle Fever. It’s awesome and something I will enjoy making and will no doubt keep it all for myself.


Next was an awesome purple box with a little fairy on it.  I had absolutely no idea what it might contain.  Wow, it had a dozen of the most decadent brownies I have ever tasted!  Of course, I had to try one right away so don’t bother counting the ones in the picture, there are only 11.  Actually, I only ate 1/2 because after I checked out the nutrition stats I could not bring myself to eat the entire thing.  After all, I planned on starting to eat healthier once all the candy was gone.  Well, I will just have to pace myself and only eat little bites when I need a chocolate fix.  It does say that they will keep up to 6 months in the freezer or 1 month in the fridge.


Today I made two microwaveable heat wraps for my SS, one for her and one for her mother living with her.  I got the rest of my gifts for her boxed up and will get them in the mail early next week.

I got another square sewn on the blooming 9-patch strips and did some sewing on the funky monkey pieces.  Tonight I’m going to work on the oriental flower border.

It was above freezing today but I never stuck my nose out the door.  It was a productive day and I feel good, I’ll grab the mail tomorrow when Bill and I travel to Rhode Island to visit his sister for the day.

Last week I wrote a post about the subzero temperature we had and the fact that my car wouldn’t start.  When I was outside attempting to get it going I noticed that the exhaust for my monitor heater was blowing onto the side of the shed and had coated the combination lock with frost.  It was one of the better things that came my way that day.


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I have admired the blooming 9-patch since the first time I saw one at the Maine Quilt Show several years ago. Having one has been in the back of my mind ever since that day. Finally, I broke down and ordered the fabrics for my very own blooming 9-patch. I purchased the fabrics online from The Cotton Club. I received them quite a few weeks ago and have been working off and on the get them cut and stitched, then cut and stitched again. Little did I know the amount of work that one of these beautiful quilts was going to be. I finally got all of the strips cut and have started putting together the 9-patch blocks.

I’m glad I have finally found some time to sit at the machine. Today was a picture perfect day which included a walk, sitting on the patio and reading, taking a short nap, all with the sun shining in a cloudless sky and a nice breeze coming through the window. Can’t ask for more than that!

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Wow, I’m surprised it’s been such a long time since I posted anything here. What have I been doing instead? Good question, just living life I guess.

I’ve been working in the garden, pulling weeds and grass, transplanting some stuff from Bill’s garden that was taking over. I put it on the small hill behind the driveway and don’t really care if it takes over there. That probably means that it won’t, of course.

I heard a House Wren the other day. I remember them from the years I lived in Shapleigh. They are such cute, energetic little birds. I think I need to find (or build) a wren house. Also saw a Baltimore Oriole on the tree next to the street.

I’ve been making a conscious effort to walk more outside when I have the time and the weather is good. I would rather be outside than on a treadmill at the gym but I’ll stop there after work. The weather last week was very nice…sunny, in the 70’s, a little breeze. Bill and I made our first trip to the beach one evening after work. We walked from the Moody Beach parking lot to Ogunquit Beach where we were very bad and had a wonderful ice cream cone. It usually takes us about 30 minutes to walk briskly one way and a little longer to return as we just stroll along on the way back.

Bill and I took a trip to Knight’s Quilt Shop last week. I was looking for a pattern for a super cute wallhanging that I want to make for Ella’s room. I didn’t find it there but Bill found more oriental fabric and ordered another pattern. I will never get all of his wish list made but I will plug along, fitting one in every now and then so he doesn’t think I’m ignoring him.

Since my last post I received the 30’s fabric noodles from the swap on MQResource.

I found a pattern for these fabrics while shopping at Knight’s. This makes 4 or 5 patterns for which I have the fabric organized and ready to cut. I don’t know how I think I will possibly ever get it all done considering the small amount of time I actually sew. I’m still working on cutting all the 1 3/4″ strips for the blooming 9-patch; very time consuming and it hurts my back if I cut too long at one time.

I stopped at Kathie’s Quilt Shoppe and picked up the Peek-a-Boo pattern I wanted and a couple of sale fabrics to use as backing for my penny rug projects.

I have finished the small 30’s wallhanging I have been working on,”Circling Pinwheels”. I used the blue pen to mark the circles which were quite easy to quilt. Unfortunately, when I wet the fabric to erase the blue marks, the red fabric ran. Bummer!! I was able to wash it several times with Synthropol and it appears to be fine. It was a fun little piece to make and I’m actually happy with the final outcome.

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