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Although the wedding was September 23rd, Wendy and Dan received their quilt for Christmas.  Three months late but finished. Yay!

Squaring the quilt after it was machine quilted

Adding the binding

My high tech binding winder

I used a toilet paper roll with a ribbon running through it, which I put around my neck.  This allowed me to feed the binding in a hands free mode.  Genius!

Securing the binding to the back using hair clips.

Hand stitching the binding to the back

A close-up of the machine quilting

The label

The words on the label are the words to their wedding song.

The body of the quilt on the bed

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a photo that included the borders.  Maybe next summer they can hang it from their deck and I can get a good photo.

Here's the original pattern

It sort of looks like the original.  I’m glad it’s all done, I hate having a project hanging over my head; especially one with such an important “due date”.  Now, on to the next project, a nice, small lap quilt for myself.

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