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My secret sister from MQResourse sent me this great pile of selvages before I went on vacation.  Isn’t she the best?

SS selvage surprise

SS selvage surprise

Now to get sewing and make something spectacular more than ordinary.

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I got two delightful gifts from my Secret Sister on MQResource.  There are many quilting sites and forums online but this is the only one I’m really involved with.  I found this site from the blog of Patsy Thompson and I came across her site in a quilting magazine.

Anyway, first of all there was a package from Keepsake Quilting.  It was a beautiful set of 10″ batik squares along with a pattern called Jungle Fever. It’s awesome and something I will enjoy making and will no doubt keep it all for myself.


Next was an awesome purple box with a little fairy on it.  I had absolutely no idea what it might contain.  Wow, it had a dozen of the most decadent brownies I have ever tasted!  Of course, I had to try one right away so don’t bother counting the ones in the picture, there are only 11.  Actually, I only ate 1/2 because after I checked out the nutrition stats I could not bring myself to eat the entire thing.  After all, I planned on starting to eat healthier once all the candy was gone.  Well, I will just have to pace myself and only eat little bites when I need a chocolate fix.  It does say that they will keep up to 6 months in the freezer or 1 month in the fridge.


Today I made two microwaveable heat wraps for my SS, one for her and one for her mother living with her.  I got the rest of my gifts for her boxed up and will get them in the mail early next week.

I got another square sewn on the blooming 9-patch strips and did some sewing on the funky monkey pieces.  Tonight I’m going to work on the oriental flower border.

It was above freezing today but I never stuck my nose out the door.  It was a productive day and I feel good, I’ll grab the mail tomorrow when Bill and I travel to Rhode Island to visit his sister for the day.

Last week I wrote a post about the subzero temperature we had and the fact that my car wouldn’t start.  When I was outside attempting to get it going I noticed that the exhaust for my monitor heater was blowing onto the side of the shed and had coated the combination lock with frost.  It was one of the better things that came my way that day.


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I was thinking about all of the things I’m thankful for this holiday…

My new granddaughter, Ella; being together with both of my children at the same time; my best friend Su is home from the hospital after nearly three weeks; the weather has been warm; the wonderful meal we had at David and Paula’s; safe travel for myself, Bill and the rest of my family; good health; enough money to pay the bills and play a little; fuel for my heater.  I could go on but I have so much to be thankful for that it would take up way too much space.

Greg, Vanessa and Ella traveled to Maine for this holiday.  They stayed two nights at D&P’s, then spent Friday night with me.  We had a good time and really enjoyed watching Ella’s new “trick”, rolling over.  She loves to eat and opens her mouth wide, just like a baby bird.


They left before lunch on Saturday so Bill and I did some Black Friday shopping.  We were glad to see the parking lots were full but not overflowing and the stores we went to weren’t jammed.  It was a good holiday weekend; time spent with family and time together.

On a sewing note…I finished a small gift bag for my MQResource Secret Sister.


Other than that, I haven’t had any time to sit at home and sew.  I need several uninterrupted hours to work on the background of the butterfly wallhanging if I expect to get it finished by Christmas (it was started for last Christmas).

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