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It’s been too long

I look at other blogs and wonder how in the world they find time to work, raise a family, craft, cook, exercise and still find time to make new entries so often.  It’s all  can do to work (more hours than I want) and do a little sewing now and then.  I never have time to actually b.l.o.g.!  Since I retired from the fire dept in September, I feel like all I have done is go to work at Lowe’s.  That’s about to change…

We are actually heading to FL for the winter after the first of the year.  Yes, color me a snowbird.  I can’t wait.  No more snow, no more ice, no more freezing weather, no more stoking the woodstove.  It’s all about getting outdoors and getting some sun, being warm and just…being.  I’m finally going to get to be retired, at least for a few months.

Christmas is this week.  I can’t believe it!  We finally got our tree up and decorated yesterday.  Once it warmed up in the glass room, the tree settled nicely and it’s beautiful.  Bill picked it out by himself and he did a great job.  Most of the gifts are wrapped, except for bows.  The original ribbon I bought sucked.  It was blue and silver and the stuff separated when I tied a bow.  That meant I had to take it back and shop for more ribbon.  Bows is on my agenda for tomorrow, along with finishing up the wrapping and shopping for a few stocking stuffers.

I’m trying to make a couple of small wallhangings for Su and Deb but I probably won’t get them done in time for the holiday.  If not, I will give them as a “I’ll be gone for four months” gift before we leave.

I did go to the book store and stock up on quilt magazines for the trip.  It’s hard for me to leave them sitting together without looking at them but it will be worth it when I can dive into one after several hundred miles on the road.

I have been going to a new chiropractor and hope that my sciatica is under control for the drive down.  I’m keeping positive thoughts!  More tomorrow, I hope.

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Another Etsy item

Today I managed to get another item listed in my Etsy shop, two coffee cozys.

coffee cozys in Etsy shop

They are sold separately but are cheaper if purchased together.

I still haven’t had time to figure out the button.  Since I retired and work more than before I retired, I have considerable admiration for those of you who work, raise a family, cook, clean and still have time to sew and create.  Maybe some day…

If you have time, come and visit my Etsy shop…http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeeWitchinStitchin

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