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I do.  I am currently working on a queen size bed quilt made up of 36, count them…36 paper pieced kimonos.  The pattern is called – Kimonos – by Betty Blais and is distributed by Embellishment Village.  The original pattern is a 9 kimono piece but when Bill saw a completed sample at Knights Quilt Shop in Cape Neddick, Maine he had to have one of his own and he wanted it to fit the bed.  He loves Asian fabrics, has two quilts already and was very excited when I said…ok.  Not sure what I was thinking, maybe it was a caffeine high or something.  That was several months ago and I finally got one of the kimonos finished.

Kimono #1 11.14.09

kimono #1

The finished square measures approximately 12×11.  Each kimono has four sections and requires 3 fabrics plus the background fabric.  I cut one of the patterns into separate pieces and color coded them but still managed to mix the fabrics up in one of the sections. The pattern says it is designed for intermediate to advanced quilters.  Maybe I have over estimated my piecing abilities.  This pattern kicked my butt for a couple of nights.  I must have ripped out one section 4 or 5 times.  First, I sewed the wrong fabrics together.  Next, because the piece is on the diagonal, it doesn’t come together the way one would expect and the darn piece of fabric was not covering the appropriate section the way it was supposed to.  To make matters worse, the fabric was directional.  ARGH!!!   I actually put it down one night and found something else to do because I was so frustrated and the paper was coming apart.  However, I did persevere and I’m really satisfied with the finished product.  Only 35 more. **sigh**

I think I would have more completed but Bill purchased the fabrics for Wendy’s wallhanging and I started that instead.  The binding is nearly finished.  That will be one of the fastest pieces I have ever done.  It pays to have a deadline even when you miss the deadline.

I have been wanting to make cookies for several weeks now and today was the day.  The temp today was 61 so I had to go for a walk first and then run to the corner store for shortening.  However, 2 hours later I had 4 1/2 dozen chocolate chip cookies made using my daughter’s secret ingredient.

choc chip cookies 11.09

yummy choc chip cookies

If you are a regular visitor, you know I hardly ever post anything about food.  Bill does most of the cooking, I do most of the eating.  It seems to work for both of us.

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The shop is open

Finally, after months of procrastinating, my Etsy shop is open with one item.  It took forever because I wanted to develop a banner but…that hasn’t happened yet.  So, I just proceeded to put one foot in front of the other, follow the directions and get something listed.  Once I figure out how to get a button in the sidebar, I’ll get that done.

For now, please come visit me…BeeWitchinStitchin at Etsy.  And be sure to let me know you came to visit.

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