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I love decorating for the holidays; all the holidays.  For some of them, I have tons of odds and ends to put out while others have only one or two.  Easter is one of the celebrations for which I have plenty of decorations.  They range from rabbits and eggs to baskets, to chicks and candy dishes.  Of course, I can’t have candy dishes out without any candy.  That spells T R O U B L E.  I  can’t have candy out without eating a piece or two (or three, or four, you get the picture) every time I walk by.  It doesn’t matter how far out of the way I have to walk in order to “walk by” the candy dish.  It could be hanging from the ceiling and I would find a way to be near it as I pass through the house.

There is one Easter decoration that is my favorite.  It is my Jim Shore “Gathering Joy” basket.  Wendy gave it to me a couple of years ago when they took a trip to Texas and we were the dogsitters.

"Gathering Joy" Easter basket

"Gathering Joy" Easter basket

This is an absolutely lovely basket with “The Cottontails” perched on top of a flower garland and five eggs decorated with quilt motifs.

Bunny and Peter Rabbit aka "The Cottontails"

Bunny and Peter Rabbit aka "The Cottontails"

Aren’t they just the cutest couple!

Basket detail

Basket detail

Five fabulous eggs

Five fabulous eggs

It’s my favorite not only because its beautiful but because it came from my beautiful, thoughtful daughter.

This week’s Doodle was paisley. I haven’t ever doodled a paisley but it was fun.  I liked the way it flowed off my pencil and I think I’ll do more of them.

Doodle Day...Paisley

Doodle Day...Paisley

I’m behind on Today’s Title is…I tried “bubbles” tonight but they were all blurry.  GRRR  That was last week’s title.  This week’s title is “slice of reality” for which I have an idea, I just have to get my camera outside when the liquid sunshine stops falling and I’m not at work.

We are leaving Thursday for a road trip to TN.  It is touted as being very retirement tax friendly, I have never been there and we want to scout out the area.  *fingers crossed* for good weather conducive to being outside.

oooh, last by not least…Greg called last night and told me that Ella has started pulling herself up.  Exciting!

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Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I call it “my” holiday because my great grandparents on my father’s side came to this country from Ireland.  I think that makes me Irish, don’t you?  My first name is Kathleen and my middle name (Allyn) was  an Irish movie star that apparently my mother liked.

I have to work at 5:00 tonight so I cooked myself corned beef and cabbage for dinner the other night.  Everyone knows that the traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner is corned beef and cabbage.  For some reason,  in New England it’s referred to as  a New England Boiled Dinner.   Maybe that’s because it is sometimes cooked with ham rather than corned beef and they throw in carrots, potatoes and an occasional turnip.  Call it whatever you like…it’s darned good.

For breakfast I’m eating a couple pieces of Bill’s homemade Irish Soda Bread…yum.  It is also darned good and he only makes it for this holiday.  He is very generous, making a loaf for Brian (a fellow firefighter and my daughter’s ex-fiance…long story) and my best friend, Su.

The weather is decent today, the sun is out and temps will be in the 40’s.  I looked back at last year’s post and it was very cold!  It was nice and warm over the weekend, melting quite a bit of snow.  It’s beginning to look like spring, which arrives on Friday.  The only part of the garden that is free of snow is the bleeding heart so I check it every day to see if there is any sign of life.  Once the ground gets good and warm it won’t be long before the shoots will peek out of the ground.

I have been to the gym already so the rest of my day is free, free, free.  I’m going to pick up the house a little, then attempt to piece a black and white border for Ella’s quilt.   Bill and I are traveling to MA on Thursday to spend the afternoon with her.  I had conjunctivitis last Friday and even after10 days on the eye drops, my eye is still bothering me.  Thankfully, I have an appointment tomorrow so I can get it rechecked.

Once again…Happy St. Patrick’s Day…enjoy and be happy.

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go.

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As I mentioned in the previous post, Bill surprised me with tickets to see Dirty Dancing at the Boston Opera House; this was my Valentine’s Day gift.  We had tickets for the 2:00 PM show.  It was a good weather day, temps near 40* so walking from the parking garage to the theatre, a couple of blocks away, was not brutal as it can be this time of year.  Our seats were in the upper section of seats, right smack in the middle of the stage.  The play was awesome!  I have seen the  movie dozens of times and the play followed the story line very closely, using much of the same, beloved dialogue.  For example…”I carried a watermelon” and “no one puts Baby in a corner”.   Sadly it ended after nearly three hours.  Very well worth the money; I admit, I have no idea what the tickets cost.


From there we went to dinner at Polcari’s.  This is a great restaurant located on Route 1 out of Boston south toward Route 95 to Maine.  Dinner was excellent, as usual.  We each had a chicken meal and brought half of them home.

Not only did I get to see a great play and have a great dinner,  the flower fairy brought roses for me.

valentines-day-roses-209I didn’t really feel good all day but was able to hang in there till we got home.  I quickly slipped into my jammies and sat on the couch with the cat catching up on my email and blog reading.  Then promptly to bed at 10.

Yesterday I was totally wasted!  I had no energy and spent a lot of the day lying on the couch and coughing.  Bill was content to read the Sunday paper and watch a little TV.  Later in the afternoon we moved into the glass room and sat in the sun before he headed outside to fix a piece of the siding on the house and move some stuff  into the shed.  The glass room was quite warm and comfortable and the sun always feels good.  We reheated the leftovers from dinner at Polcari’s and I packed up my things and headed home as Bill was driving to Cambridge for work today.  Except for being sick it was a great Valentine’s Day weekend.

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I don’t know how so many of you find the time to post regularly.  Try as I might, I just don’t get it done.  I want to post photos but it seems to take me forever.

Christmas was very good this year; Bill spoiled me rotten.  I wish he wouldn’t do that but no matter how much I protest, he does it anyway.  I took the day off work and we had a nice ham dinner at Bill’s.  His two boys came, along with his 3 year old grandson, Trevor.  Wendy and Dan filled out the table.  Greg, Vanessa and Ella will be coming on Sunday.

Knots and Bolts is having a year-end sale.  If you haven’t checked out this great online store, do it now.

As a rule, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because they never last and then I feel badly about myself.  However, this year I have decided to make TWO resolutions.  First, I am going to clean up my language.  After working for the fire department for over 20 years, I find that my language is very “colorful” for lack of a better description.  It isn’t very ladylike and I have made up my mind that I can express myself in a much nicer way by the time I retire in September.

Speaking of retirement…my officer’s daughter made me a construction paper “retirement chain”.


You probably remember them from your days in elementary school.  It is a chain made of paper and each time a certain date or event is reached you removed one of the links in the chain.  I have 34 links, each one indicating one unit of work before my retirement date of September 17.  Each unit is four shifts, totaling 48 hours.

Resolution number 2…I am going to try one new quilting technique this year.  That gives me 365 days to get it done.

I hope each of you enjoyed a Christmas filled with family, friends, laughter and love.

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I read something the other day which stated that in my lifetime I would never see Easter Sunday come this early in the year again and that only those living, that were aged 95 years and older, have ever seen it this early before. That struck me for some reason; to realize that this was in fact a “once in a lifetime” occurance.

It also got me to thinking about Easters when I was growing up. I must admit that I don’t remember much about my childhood Easters. I suspect that we got together with my mother’s parents or other family friends, to have a meal. I remember the smell of Saffron Bread that my grandma used to make, not just for Easter. It was much like fruitcake but very light and yellow; the color came from the saffron. She never used a recipe but in her later years my mom took notes from her about how to make the bread. Unfortunately, like others of her generation, it was “a pinch of this” and “a handful of that”. Needless to say, the bread never came out the same; plus, it’s very difficult and expensive to buy saffron. On top of that, I think she used English saffron which is more difficult to locate.

I have found several photos of my sister and I dressed up in our Easter Sunday best…new dresses, cute hats, carrying our baskets. I suspect that my mom drove us to Sunday School and picked us up at the end of the service. She was very good about that, but I don’t remember her actually joining us in church.

I know that Easter used to be about the resurrection of Christ but I also know that it became about the Easter Bunny and colored eggs and baskets full of “stuff”. I loved this holiday when the kids were small. I never bought the pre-packaged baskets wrapped in cellophane and full of junk. I always enjoyed finding my own baskets and stuffing them full of my own junk! I tried to make each basket special and about the child, Wendy or Greg, that would wake up in the morning and find it. I would find all sorts of “special” things for the kids…stuffed animals, books, designer pencils and erasers, eggs filled with kisses or chocolate eggs or even $$$$. I actually continued the tradition even after they had both graduated and gone to college. Of course, the junk got more and more expensive. Finally, about the time Greg reached 30 and lived in another state and we didn’t always see each other on the holiday, I decided it was time to give it up. I felt kind of empty for the next couple of years with no baskets for the kids. Wendy still lives in the area but she seems to take the lack of a basket gracefully.

I’m not sure how the tradition started, maybe because the kids slept upstairs, but I would (I mean the EB would) leave a trail of jelly beans from their bedroom doors to their baskets, which were downstairs. That meant that on the night before Easter, the two dogs had to spend the night locked up so they couldn’t eat up all the candy during the night.

We always colored eggs, too. Living in Maine, the only time we could find white eggs was for Easter. At first, the colors were plain and simple but as time went on, they became more and more decorative and elaborate. First, there was the wax that made a design once the eggs were colored. Then came glitter and colors that swirled around the eggs. There was also some kind of punch-out costumes. Of course, it never failed, a dozen eggs were hidden but only eleven were found.

This was my 58th Easter Sunday and it was a good one. We prepared dinner at Bill’s house…spiral ham, sweet potatoes and green beans. My daughter, Wendy and her boyfriend, Dan came. They brought deviled eggs and a wonderful chocolate cheesecake with fresh strawberries and a strawberry sauce. Both of Bill’s boys came, Kris and Scott. The big surprise was that Bill’s grandson, Trevor, came also. He will be 3 in April. We didn’t know he was coming so we didn’t get to have a basket or hide eggs but that didn’t matter. It was just special that we were all together. After dinner we played Wii and everyone had a good time.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and it was warm in the glass room. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the wind had died down. It’s a mystery how many more Easter Sundays we will enjoy but we know, this was a “once in a lifetime” occurance in more ways than one.

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