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I didn’t get any sewing done today, again, but I was productive. I returned home around noon after running errands in town. I had done some additional flower shopping earlier in the week and managed to get everything planted today. I planted the clematis earlier in the week and placed the new trellis Bill gave me around it. Today I put the marigolds into the window boxes, front garden and planter pot. I added allysum to the front garden and planter pot.

I raked and swept the back porch area and garden. The trees on the hill behind the condo drop all sorts of annoying debris. Once the gardening was complete I watered everything in, changed my clothes and went for a very nice walk.

When I returned I took photos of the flowers that are blooming in the side garden. The bleeding heart is outstanding this year.

the columbine which is actually a light purple, not blue as in this photo

and the rhododendron

After dinner I started cutting the 1 3/4″ pieces for the blooming 9-patch. The cutting is going to take quite a while and will have to be done in short periods of time as it hurts my back.

Tomorrow Wendy and I are taking a trip to visit baby Ella. Yeah!


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Ella Marie arrived four weeks early this morning at 12:36. She weighed 6# 9oz and stretched 18″. Of course, I think she is beautiful. Greg called this morning around 1:30 while I was working overtime to let me know that he was a new father. Doesn’t seem real!

The most beautiful baby Ella

Bill and I made the 1 1/2 hour drive to the hospital and visited for a couple of hours. There was some concern regarding her blood sugar since she is considered a late-term preemie. They did some blood work and eventually discussed the situation with a neo-natal specialist. After checking her over he determined that she is just fine and there is no reason for concern. This is a “problem” routinely faced by babies delivered between 32 and 36 weeks. However, it is very important that she be fed every 3 hours!

Vanessa looked tired but otherwise appeared to have handled the natural delivery very well. Although they had never considered a natural delivery, it happened so fast that there wasn’t a whole lot of other choice. They weren’t sure whether they would be released tomorrow or Monday.

Auntie Wendy was disappointed that she couldn’t visit along with us but her annual Memorial Day party was tonight and there wasn’t time to go and get back in time. She hopes to visit tomorrow or Monday.

Wendy heard from her friend Jenn today that Baby Ryan, who was born in January at only 24 weeks, finally got to go home today. My best friend, Su, called to say that her son, Jamie, and his wife had delivered their second child today also, a girl. We are thankful for a very good baby day!

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I haven’t been doing much sewing lately so there isn’t anything to write about in the vein. Boo Hoo

Bill and I took a trip down to Mass. on Sunday to visit with Greg and Vanessa. This is probably the last time I will see my son before he has a child of his own. Does it ever seem possible that your child is old enough to have children of their own? I guess at 32 the time has come.

We took along the rocking chair that my mother gave to me when Greg was born. I have cherished it from that day and felt it was only appropriate that Greg and his wife rock their new daughter in the same chair. It has held up very well over the past 32 years, being moved from Colorado to Maine, from Shapleigh to Springvale and now North Attleboro. The only obvious damage is the scratches on the seat which came from the small hiking boots Greg was wearing when he climbed into the chair as a little man.

Vanessa continues to be on bed rest but only for another week or so. After that she will be well enough along that their new little girl can make her entrance at any time. We played a game of Racko and chatted for about three hours. Greg and I walked to the corner and bought some Dunkin Donuts beverages. I think Vanessa looks pretty good considering she has been laying on her side on the couch for the last 5 weeks. We took the opportunity to take a couple of photos before heading back home. It was a long day for Bill, he worked the night before, drove home from Cambridge (1 1/2 hours), drove to Greg’s (2 hours) and drove home again (another 2 hours). We stopped at Polcari’s on Route 1 for dinner which was quite good, as always.

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What a wonderful day! Bill and I started with some exercise, yeah! We are doing pretty well getting to the gym on a regular basis. I’m sure I gained a couple of pounds while on vacation but I think I’m back on the wagon…again. We went to AJ’s coffeehouse for breakfast after the gym although there is nothing on the menu that is diet friendly. Wendy joined us while we sat in the vault and visited. We ran a couple of errands, then sat in the sun for about an hour on Bill’s “patio”. It is out of the wind so it was nice and warm. Before climbing into the shower we took a short tour of the gardens. They are coming up nicely now that the weather has gotten a little warmer. We could use some rain though.

Bill took Wendy and I to Billy’s Chowder House for a late lunch to celebrate Mother’s Day and thank her for taking care of the cats while we were away. I had the usual, fish & chips; Bill had the usual, clam cakes and Wendy had a chicken sandwich. She isn’t much for seafood. She brought me a beautiful fuschia plant although we agreed that it is still too cool at night to hang it outside. I’ll let it brighten the inside for a little while before hanging it out.

Greg called after I returned home and we had a nice visit. It sounds like everything is falling into place regarding the preparations for the new baby. Vanessa’s mom and sister and helping out quite a bit since she is on bed rest. I wish that I lived closer so that I could contribute but it is what it is. Bill and I are planning to take a trip down next Sunday in order to deliver the rocking chair that was given to me by my mother when Greg was born. I thought it appropriate to pass it along to my first grandchild.

I received Greg’s handmade card in the mail today. On the front was a nice black and white photo that he had taken. The back was filled with a handwritten note (very wordy for Greg) that was very touching. It expressed Greg’s feelings about his childhood and the good job I had done as a mother. His father and I have discussed more than once how blessed we are that both of our children have become such wonderful, honest, compassionate adults. We know that there is some luck involved but also believe that we were good parents. It’s nice to know that our children feel the same way.

It was a good day! Actually, it was a GREAT day!!

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I had planned to blog a little each day of my vacation with bits and pieces of the day’s events. Obviously, that didn’t happen; the internet service at the timeshare was iffy at best. So I’ll just go to Plan B…a short synopsis of our wonderful vacation, day by day.

Fri. 4/25…partly sunny– We shopped at our favorites today…Zooks, The Old Country Store, Cedar Lane. I bought 4 yds of 30’s fabrics for the forum exchange. I also purchased some other fabrics that I’m going to use on small gifts for the kids (so, I’ll keep the themes a secret). I was very good, limiting myself to only the fabrics I had on my list. Bill, on the other hand, bought several yds of asian fabrics. I bought some needles, rotary blades and thread at Cedar Lane.

We went to the Peoples Place Museum in the Old Country Store to see “A Showcase of Quilts: Dazzling Contemporary Creations” which included several quilts done by Fons and Porter along with other artists. We visited Su’s friend, Emma Stoltzfus. She is a wonderful Amish woman with a small shop of her own. I already own several of her works, including two bed quilts and 2 or 3 wallhangings. She brought out two cinnamon sticks for us. Bill decided on two wallhangings that he wanted but had to run to the ATM machine to get cash as she doesn’t take credit. I stayed and visited with her while he was away. I helped her load homemade bakery items onto a carriage that they take to the campground in the evenings in order to sell the baked goods. I purchased six oatmeal raisin cookies and a fresh blackberry pie. Yum, Yum! They were all delicious. No, we didn’t eat them all that day but managed to spread our treats out for most of the week.

We had dinner at Cracker Barrel where Bill discovered that he had misplaced his debit card. Horrors!!! The last time he used the card was at the ATM machine but the bank was closed by this time, after 6 PM. It was a stressful night not knowing if he would find it at the bank the next morning.

It was a nice day wandering around the Intercourse area with no pressure what-so-ever.

Sat. 4/26…sunny–Yeah! Bill’s card was swallowed by the ATM machine and the bank was very helpful in returning it to him. All is well.

It was a good trip to Williamsburg. The daffodils in the median had already gone by. There is a tree that grows along the highway with purple flowers. I thought it was wisteria but the flowers grow upward rather than hanging down.

It was 87* when we arrived at our time share, Historic Powhatan Plantation Resort. We changed into shorts and went for a walk, stopping in the gazebo to enjoy a cup of coffee and the late afternoon sun.

Sun. 4/27…cloudy, threatening rain–We went to the gym and got some cardio exercise. Mary Ann, Jack and his girlfriend, Stephanie came to visit. Jack & Stephanie went to have lunch with a friend and we walked to the Grill with Mary Ann for lunch, which was quite tasty. They left around 4:30, we took a drive to the grocery store. The fields were full of cows sharing their space with geese, lots and lots of geese. There were several families of geese on the plantation site. The goslings are such cute little fuzzy things, waddling along with mom and dad, looking for bugs or whatever it is that geese eat. The azaleas were in bloom.

Mon 4/28…cloudy, heavy rain in the afternoon–To the gym again, that’s what we do when the weather does not cooperate with us. We headed into Colonial Williamsburg (C W) to see as much as possible before the heavy rain started to fall. We were able to visit the Governor’s Palace, Randolph House and the Capitol Bldg. We found a nice little bakery off Main Street and enjoyed a bisquit w/ham and a slice of cheddar cheese, cold cider and tea. Our dessert was their famous gingerbread cookies. You can’t eat just one. We toured the museum. We enjoyed a beer (me) and a coke (Bill) while we waited for a pizza that we took home for dinner. Sat peacefully that evening and watched Dancing with the Stars…we are totally hooked.

There was an F3 tornado about 40 miles south of us! That is unprecedented in VA, they NEVER have tornadoes, at least not until we came to visit. No one was killed although there was extreme damage. It also landed briefly to the north of us. Apparently it was dancing all around us while we obliviously wandered around C W.

Tues 4/29…rain in the morning, partly cloudy by afternoon–Visited the C W jail, toured the courthouse and Wetherburn’s Tavern, found a bench located in a sunny garden later in the day and sat for awhile. We purchased tickets for a “ghost” walk and the “Cry Witch” reenactment. Dinner at the Powhatan Grill was followed by a quiet night watching Dancing w/the Stars results.

Wed 4/30…sunny, breezy, cooler than normal–Jamestown Settlement was today’s destination; not just ours but tons of kids also. That was okay but we really enjoyed Historic Jamestown where we walked for quite awhile , saw the Archararium and walked through New Town, a kind of subdivision of Jamestown. On our walk we stood quietly and watched three deer wandering through one of the fields while a squirrel in a nearby tree munched away on a nut; munch, munch, munch, stop, look around, munch, munch, munch. Isn’t nature great? We had lunch at a small cafe next to the James River. It was an extremely pleasant day.

Luncheon view of James River

Thurs 5/l…sunny and warm, 75*–Visited Historic Yorktown, walked to the village and had lunch at the Carrot Tree in the historic Diggs House.

We each enjoyed a crab wrap and orzo pasta salad…excellent. Both of us highly recommend this little place if you visit Yorktown. We walked down to the river and back to the welcome center, drove around the auto tour although we had some trouble with the map (could have been operator error on my part).

After a short trip back to the condo and some wi-fi service at the Grill we enjoyed our “Legends, Myths and Ghosts Walk” in C W which included three great storytellers and allowed us to be home by 10:00.

Fri 5/2…sunny and warm–Yorktown Victory Memorial, run by the state, was today’s destination; it was very well done. We ate again at the Carrot Tree and took along a piece of carrot cake for our dessert later. The pool at the timeshare was not open for swimming but we sat in the sun for a couple of hours. We had tickets for the “Cry Witch” reenactment at 9:00 in the C W Capitol Building; very well done, a little mini-play.

Sat & Sun; 5/3 & 5/4–traveled home. No incidents on the road, stopped outside of Scranton for the night on Saturday and arrived home around 3:30 on Sunday. I was very happy to sleep in my own bed after several days.

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