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Anyone reading this blog knows that I have sold my condo and moved into Bill’s house.  Finally, the closing took place on Thursday and was bittersweet.  I have mentioned in earlier posts that I hated to sell my little piece of the world but now that it’s over and done; I can look forward to retirement in the fall.

The garage looks only slightly better than it did in an earlier post and the sewing room looks worse.  It will probably be at least a couple of weeks before I get it cleaned up enough to get some sewing done.  That makes me grouchy.  Unfortunately, another post with no quilting news.  Oh wait!  I got Greg’s monkey quilt back for the LA quilter and it looks great.  Now to find the time and space to get the binding on.  He will be here for the weekend but he won’t be getting it this time; maybe before the summer ends.

It rained for most of the month of June, effectively cutting our short Maine summer even shorter.  GGRRR!  Many of the potted plants, along with those in the garden, are moldy and being eaten by slugs.  GGRRR!   The sun finally came out yesterday and I was able to shake some slug bait into the gardens.  Hopefully that will slow them down.

Bill has been wanting to have a cookout for the past several years and tonight is the night.  I am working all day but he recruited Wendy to help get things ready.  He is grilling steak tips and turkey tips, along with smoking some ribs.  There will be several salads plus whatever our guests decide to bring along.  I told everyone that all they really needed to bring was chairs and a beverage if they didn’t want beer or soda (pop for those of you west of the Mississippi).

We spent some time yesterday getting the yard in order and putting some lights up around the canopy.  The weather has cleared since our weeks of rain.  We had a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon but the evening was perfect.  I’m hoping for the same tonight.  It is not as hot today and the radar doesn’t show any storms approaching.

We have a nice firepit for a campfire and the yard is surrounded by torches, which we hope will keep the bugs down if they become a problem.

I’m not much for parties and look forward to it being over and everyone going home.  However, once I get home and everything falls into place, I will have a good time along with everyone else.

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and it wasn’t mine.  Well, I did have one, eons and eons ago, but I digress.  Trevor, Bill’s grandson, turned 4 on the 16th and his party was Sunday.  We traveled to Minot, about 1 1/2 hours north, to his grandma’s house, which just happens to be across the street from his house.  There were grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, hanburgers and hotdogs, chips, salads, soda, wine and of course, CAKE AND ICE CREAM!  Everyone had a good time and he got lots of fun stuff and a few clothes (not much fun when you’re 4, but necessary).  His dad, Scott, got him a set of golf clubs and he has a pretty good swing.  We enjoyed seeing him and look forward to the next time he comes to stay overnight.



trevor-037Can you tell that there was REALLLLY blue frosting?

Not much sewing getting done since I’ve been on vacation, then dogsitting.  Tomorrow I’m going home and I’m gonna sew, no matter what else needs to be done, like laundry, cleaning, ironing and sew on.

On another note, there was a showing on my condo Saturday evening.  The report I received today was that all the comments were positive.  They liked the improvements I had made and thought it showed very well.  the “lookers” are trying to decide between my condo and something new.  Keep your fingers crossed, please.

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Finally, summer seems to have arrived and I took full advantage of it this weekend. Although Saturday started overcast, Bill decided we would travel 35 miles north to look for sunnier weather. We spent the better part of the day at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth. It is an incredible area with a rocky “beach”, lots of picnic tables snuggled into coves of trees, a walking path, beautiful ocean views, new restrooms (always a plus) and much more. All this for only $3/person. We parked our chairs in the “usual” spot overlooking the water and just chilled out for the day. We left in time to go to Brian’s “birthday party” at 5:30.

Scott and Trevor met us in Portland and we went to the Portland Seadogs baseball game which started at 1:00. It wasn’t a good day for the Seadogs; they lost 9-2. At least, that was the score when we left at 4:30 in the 8th inning. It was a very slow game. Trevor is 3 and he was well behaved all afternoon. He finally crashed at one point and took a nap for 2 or 3 innings. He slept on my lap until my legs started to go numb and I transferred him to Scott. It was very sunny and warm all afternoon. After leaving the stadium we walked to Margaritas and the four of us had dinner.

When we arrived home Bill and I sat outside on the deck and watched the Red Sox on the TV in the glass room. It was a delightful evening and the bugs weren’t intolerable.

On Tuesday the temp was forecast to be near 90 with high humidity. We headed out early and drove to Drakes Island beach, hoping that we were early enough to find a parking space. Much to our surprise, the lot was not even half full. We carried everything we had with us on the first trip and walked past the majority of the crowd to a less occupied area where we set up our umbrella, chairs, towels, etc. There was a strong breeze off the water which kept the temp tolerable. We went for a walk down the beach to the river and back, maybe 2 1/2 miles. We had packed a good lunch which was especially tasty after our walk. We didn’t leave until nearly 5:30 because we didn’t feel like it an we didn’t have to be anywhere. (Actually, I did blow off yoga in order to hang out at the beach longer. )

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Ella Marie arrived four weeks early this morning at 12:36. She weighed 6# 9oz and stretched 18″. Of course, I think she is beautiful. Greg called this morning around 1:30 while I was working overtime to let me know that he was a new father. Doesn’t seem real!

The most beautiful baby Ella

Bill and I made the 1 1/2 hour drive to the hospital and visited for a couple of hours. There was some concern regarding her blood sugar since she is considered a late-term preemie. They did some blood work and eventually discussed the situation with a neo-natal specialist. After checking her over he determined that she is just fine and there is no reason for concern. This is a “problem” routinely faced by babies delivered between 32 and 36 weeks. However, it is very important that she be fed every 3 hours!

Vanessa looked tired but otherwise appeared to have handled the natural delivery very well. Although they had never considered a natural delivery, it happened so fast that there wasn’t a whole lot of other choice. They weren’t sure whether they would be released tomorrow or Monday.

Auntie Wendy was disappointed that she couldn’t visit along with us but her annual Memorial Day party was tonight and there wasn’t time to go and get back in time. She hopes to visit tomorrow or Monday.

Wendy heard from her friend Jenn today that Baby Ryan, who was born in January at only 24 weeks, finally got to go home today. My best friend, Su, called to say that her son, Jamie, and his wife had delivered their second child today also, a girl. We are thankful for a very good baby day!

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